hey everyone,

heard this song.….then this happened. this is exactly the kind of music that i get drawn to immediately on my musical searches.  [shout outs to my bff4mofrackinlyfe sonia p. for the track!] i kept listening and listening over and over…and every time that saxophone would come through I would get so lost in the music that i would lose focus on everything else.

i saw clean and classy mixed with a bit of cool and futuristic visuals that were shaped appropriately. my amazingly talented friend @jyshih21 did an amazing job and masterfully created that and more. the important thing that i wanted to convey in this video is that it’s not just a dance video, rather, i wanted the entire video itself to be the art because i felt that it would be the best way to visually represent the intricacies and oddities of the music. 

so there you have it…i hope that you enjoyed my video. and thank you so much for watching/reading. your existence gives my craft purpose.

yours truly,
anthony lee

p.s. the behind-the-scenes is coming soon. :)